Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Coming soon

I would consider myself a big fan of Brian De Palma. He's made a few masterpieces and many truly memorable movies, and even when he's not quite firing on all cylinders, a De Palma picture will always include several moments pure, cinematic genius. And so I welcome the arrival of Blow Out to the Criterion Collection in April with open arms. Extras include a restored digital transfer, a new hour long interview with De Palma by Noah Baumbach, and Garrett Brown discussing the film's Steadicam shots. Can't wait.

April also brings Kes and White Material to Criterion. A stellar month.

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Roger Edwards said...

I rate this film very highly although I have never come to terms with the ending.

It still just "bother's me".

But I guess this is just a reflection of how good De Palma is when he's on top of his game.