Monday, 25 January 2010

Tick tick... boom!

So The Hurt Locker picked up the PGA Award for Best Picture yesterday, beating out the mighty Avatar and making this year's Best Picture Oscar something of a race after all.

The SAG Awards on Saturday all but made the the destination of the acting Oscars a cast-iron certainty — Bullock over Mulligan? What's wrong with you people? — and for me ruined whatever suspense remained about who was going to win come March. And again, I have the same feeling about Jeff Bridges winning for Crazy Heart (cos he will, have no doubt) that I had when Scorsese won for The Departed. He's long overdue an Oscar but this isn't really the film.

Still, Hurt Locker's victory has definitely thrown a spanner in the Avatar works. Not saying that movie doesn't deserve its success, but it most definitely isn't the best film of the year. Don't care what anyone says.

Great, too, to see that Up won for Best Animated Picture. Go Doug...

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