Sunday, 17 January 2010

Gainsbourg (vie heroique) trailer

I saw this trailer the other day and my interest was well and truly piqued. And this review on screendaily has only added to my excitement.


Gainsbourg Fan said...

Hi Mark! Glad to see you're excited about the film. I started an international fan blog to cover all the latest news, reviews, interviews, music, videos, photos, release dates and more from Gainsbourg (vie heroique). Hope you'll come check it out and continue to follow everything going on with the film:)


Mark Salisbury said...

Hi back. I'll definitely come and drop by. Want to know when it's coming out in the UK.

Matt J said...

Tried to see the 'avant premiere' of this in Nice last week but the screening was packed! It's going to be a huge hit in France I think.
Comic artist & director Joann Sfar has made quite a splash with his debut film.

Mark Salisbury said...

Hope the weather was good at least.