Friday, 8 May 2009

Star Trek

I've not much to add to the pretty universal acclaim that JJ Abrams' reboot of Star Trek has engendered from both the fan community and the mainstream media. It's thrilling when it needs to be, funny once Simon Pegg's Scotty arrives, action-packed (perhaps too much), manages to put a red line through all those awful sequels, spin-offs and TV shows (how many people have I managed to offend writing that?) and brings it back to the original crew, albeit variations on the ones I watched as a kid on British TV (though not during the 60s, I might add). They're not exactly the same characters I loved as a child (okay, in Spock's case he is and he isn't) but it's a damn fine new beginning. So go see it if you haven't already. You'll have a blast. My only gripe, is why did it have to be so frenetic? And fast? Couldn't they have slowed things down just a tad. And did Kirk, exiled on that ice planet, really need to be chased by not just one, but two monsters before bumping into Spock?


Stram said...

I'm so going to go to the Imax to see this movie!

Mark Salisbury said...

Make sure you sit as close to the back and the middle as possible!