Friday, 29 May 2009

Oh. My. Gawd.

Finally caught up with Lost season five's two-part finale, The Incident, which aired when I was away. Oh my freakin' gawd. Yes, we got many of the answers we'd been craving. We got to see Jacob. We saw a whole bunch of the castaways being touched by him. We saw The Man In Black. And now we know all it's all an elaborate game being played out between these two. Black versus white. Good versus evil. God versus the devil? But which is which? And presumably the nuclear explosion means time's been reset... But how will that play out? As is the way with Lost, answers came with even more burning questions. Season six can't get here soon enough.

And how could they do that to Juliet?


Stram said...

I'm sure Juliette is not dead. I mean, yes she is, but somehow she has to still be alive in the future, if you know what I mean...
My main question is, who the fuck is Locke? a Locke from the future, or is he possessed?
Can't wait for the final season!

Mark Salisbury said...

Well, Locke's dead. But the other "Locke", the one we've been watching all series, is the Man In Black.

Juliet will be back in season six apparently, although whether it'll be in flashbacks or "alive" is the question.

Gina said...

"And how could they do that to Juliet?"
My exact thoughts when .. well, when THAT happened.

Though, Juliet's gotta leave the island and go deal with aliens! (Reeeally looking forward to "V".)