Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Star Trek trailer

Alas, I missed JJ Abrams when he rocked up in London last week and unveiled four scenes from his Star Trek as well as this trailer which is certainly action-packed and more or less smells right, although I'm not sure about the opening bit with Kid Kirk.


Schmid4Brains said...

yeah... that opening bit with the car and hover cycle thing... idk. is that supposed to be indicative of kirk's recklessness and daring? his disdain for authority while pushing things to their breaking point and beyond? how this scene translates into him becoming THE Captain Kirk is beyond me at this point, but i'm sure JJ has some stellar (no pun intended) tie-in that will make everyone oh, "OOOOoooh... i get it."

Mark Salisbury said...

Bizarrely, watching that trailer makes me want to rewatch the original series as soon as I get back home.