Monday, 24 November 2008

Jeff Bridges' snaps

In addition to being a terrific actor, Jeff Bridges is a damn fine photographer, shooting mainly in black and white, on film, with a camera known as a Widelux. Bridges takes it wherever he goes, always shooting while he's working and presenting the crew of whatever film he's starring in with a book of behind-the-scenes photos as an end of shoot gift.

Back in the day, Premiere used to run a selection of his work for every film. And because of his amazing pictures, I desperately wanted a Widelux of my own, finally buying one about six years ago for a small fortune. I've never taken a single photo with it as good as his, although I did ask for tips when I interviewed him for Premiere once.

Now that Premiere's gone, the best way to see Bridges' photos is in his superb book Pictures By Jeff Bridges or on his website, which features his Iron Man pictures here.

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Stram said...

The Making Iron Man photos showing props are quite impressive!