Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Hoodie horror

Eden Lake, written and directed by James Watkins, is the first of a wave of so called "hoodie horrors" coming your way. And boy does it deliver. Disturbing, terrifying and unrelenting, it's a Deliverance meets Straw Dogs, a modern nightmare torn from today's headlines, and is, quite simply, the best British horror film since The Descent.

Nursery teacher Jenny (Kelly Reilly) and her boyfriend Steve (Michael Fassbender) escape London for a weekend away, camping at a remote lakeside beauty spot where he plans to propose. But their romantic time is shattered when a gang of kids whose obnoxious behaviour turns decidedly nasty. Compelling, unsettling and downright nasty, the controversial ending will have the Daily Mail up in arms.

Eden Lake opens Frightfest on August 21 and will be released in the UK in September 5.

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Gerard said...

Read something about this earlier today, funnily enough. Sounds great!