Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Harry Potter 6 teaser

This is the first Harry Potter film I haven't either visited the set of or read the book. But I liked what David Yates did with the last one. And this looks promising. And dark.


Stram said...

You've already visited an Harry Potter set then? If you go to see the set of the seventh (or eighth), please steal the invisible cloak for me.... and i'll bring it back myself, without anybody noticing! :-)

Schmid4Brains said...

trailer looks jawsome*. can. not. wait.

(*that's jaw-droppingly awesome)

Fran said...

*is several days behind on the gossip*

It does look great. I loved the last one and OotP is my least favourite book, so I've got fingers and toes crossed that a much better book + a great director = an even better film. Plus, I really, really want to see Rickman go completely apeshit. That alone would be worth the price of a ticket.

Fran said...

Ooh, sorry, just re-read your post and the bit about your not having read the book, so the apeshit!Rickman comment might not have made much sense. But trust me, it has to happen, and it will definitely be worth it if it does (and you should read it if you get the chance, it's a much better read than Phoenix, which is clunky in the extreme...).