Friday, 14 March 2008

How about that?

The other day, as I was flicking through a very old copy of Cinefantisque magazine, I came across an article on the original 1981 Heavy Metal movie, and a thought sparked in my brain along the lines of "Isn't it about time that someone had another crack at making one of these?" I then put the mag back on the shelf and carried on unpacking. And so it was with a wry smile that this morning I clicked on Variety and saw that David Fincher is spearheading a new Heavy Metal movie for Paramount. "The film will consist of eight or nine individual animated segments, each of which will be directed by a different helmer," quoth the piece. "Fincher will direct one of the segments; Kevin Eastman, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator who is now owner and publisher of Heavy Metal, will direct another. So will Tim Miller, whose Blur Studios will handle the animation for what is being conceived as an R-rated, adult-themed feature. Fincher, Eastman and Miller will produce the film. The studio will lock in the other directors shortly." I know that cool is a very overused reaction these days. But cool is the word for this.

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Schmid4Brains said...

cool is definately the word.