Friday, 15 October 2010

Friends, Romans, etc

I have been busier this week than I originally anticipated when I embarked upon Fincherfest and, thus, have failed miserably at the task I set myself: to post a piece on a day on the great man. For that, I must apologise, and hope to rectify at some future juncture.

For now, however, various commitments are pulling me in various directions and blogging might be slow for the next few days. However, I have this one sage piece of advice to offer until I next post: see The Social Network. See it. See it. See it.

It's in UK cinemas from today and it is, I do believe, my — deep breathe — favourite film of the year thus far, with Never Let Me Go and Inception a shade behind.

Should any of you out there — providing there still is anyone out there, since the recent dearths of comments has got me wondering otherwise — take my advice, then do report back with your thoughts.

Until next time...


Gerard said...

I'm seeing Social on the 25th. Which is still too far away...

Never Let Me Go has been bumped back to MID-MARCH(!!!) over here.

I'd also like to take this occasion to express my near-love for Let Me In. Shocked, I was, to have found it so worthwhile. A modern Hammer through and through.

Mark Salisbury said...

Mid-March, that's way too long to wait. It'll be out on Region 1 DVD by then,

I have to say I admired Let Me In. I certainly didn't hate it. I just prefer the original.

J.D. said...

I just saw SOCIAL NETWORK for the second time and it was even better. Hopefully, it will be successful enough financially to get an extras-loaded DVD release. I read that they shot a TON of behind-the-scenes footage for this one.

Mark Salisbury said...

I have yet to check it out a second time. This week, I hope.

I'm sure that we'll get a packed DVD/BR but in the meantime, check this out

It's about how they did the twins.

Hal Gracie said...

Finally saw TSN yesterday and thought it was fantastic. Fincher’s odd track record of alternating a mediocre effort with a classic continues. More surprising was that this was from an Aaron Sorkin script. I normally can’t stand his sentimentality.

It was news to me until I read the above that the twins weren’t played by twins! Although I did think the headgear worn by one of them was a tad curios.

Did anyone else leave the cinema feeling like a little bit of a loser? Or was that just me?