Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Fincherfest: Andrew Garfield on working with Fincher

Here's an outtake from my interview with Andrew Garfield where I asked him about working with David Fincher on The Social Network.

"You trust him. You implicitly trust his taste and the amount of time he spends on a scene. You feel you can give yourself over, completely, as an actor. For a bunch of young actors who want to create something real and authentic and good, I think to have him steering us was just a great gift.

"There were a lot of takes, but what it does, which is purely positive, is it sets up space for an actor to get it wrong and by getting it wrong you find a way to get it right, because unless you can you fully let go and allow the scene to be whatever it is, it’s going to be dull, it’s going to be an archetypal, caricatured controlled performance. So what he does is, he wants you to trip up, he wants you to make mistakes, and so to let go, and therefore be a real-life, breathing human being being caught on film. 

"And as we all know, there’s nothing more compelling than watching someone get lost, like watching Daniel Day Lewis doing the incredible work that he does, you’re watching the birth of a real human being every time he sets foot into the frame, he’s alive, he’s just alive. And I think what David manages to set up is a space to allow that potentiality… David’s just really smart, but for sure, doing it was so much fun and free and no pressure because you trust his taste and he’s going to squeeze all the juice out of you, so to speak."

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