Thursday, 8 April 2010

Further Fringe fun

Those who dismissed Fringe as an X Files rip-off, think again. Following on from last week's "typo" episode, this week's Fringe, entitled Peter, was a delightfully retro affair, set in 1985, which featured a revamped 80s style opening credit sequence and theme music.

During the episode itself, there was this wonderfully geeky in-joke on a cinema marquee in Fringe's alternate universe.

For those, scratching their heads at that one, Eric Stoltz was the original Marty McFly in Back To The Future before the film's executive producer Steven Spielberg apparently decided he wasn't right, and the film wasn't working, and so co-writer/director Robert Zemeckis was forced to scrap weeks of footage and start over again, this time with Michael J. Fox in the lead.

Eric Stoltz & Michael J. Fox Side-By-Side in Back to the Future


Lloyd said...

I'm a massive fan of the BTTF trilogy and I never knew about Stoltz! I've since scoured the net and found loads of images with him in various scenes, it's so weird to see!

Mark Salisbury said...

The internet can be a beautiful thing, can it not.

I spoke to Crispin Glover about Back To The Future when I interviewed him on the Alice set. I´ll try and post it some time soon.