Monday, 9 February 2009

Monday musing

Off to interview Ron Howard in a moment so not much time to get into last night's BAFTAs. All in all it was a fine evening's prize-giving with Slumdog taking home the majority of the masks. But there was enough of a spread to make it feel like a truly democratic event.

For me, it was gratifying to see Button not leave empty handed (although I'd like to have seen it pick up one or two of the "big" awards), although I probably cheered loudest at Man On Wire scooping Best British Film and comeback kid Mickey Rourke winning Best Actor for The Wrestler. Loved Rourke's acceptance speech; it'll going to be interesting to see what he says, should he win the Oscar, it being live and all.

Happy too that Steve McQueen (nice kilt!) picked up the Carl Foreman Award for the remarkable Hunger and Martin McDonagh won Best Original Screenplay for the riotously funny In Bruges. And what a wonderful speech from Danny Boyle.

The full list of winners can be found here.


Stram said...

I really liked Danny Boyle's speech! And Kate Winslet was quite... contained!
No big surprises, though I was really happy for I've loved you so long !!

Mark Salisbury said...

Me too. I liked that film a lot. Shame KST missed out on an acting nomination.