Monday, 30 June 2008

Monday musing

So, where to begin?

Wall-E, a work of genius IMHO, rakes in $62.5m making it seven top spot openings for the Pixar gang in the US, while Wanted, less a work of genius and more an empty headed, ridiculously silly actioneer, pulled in $51.1m domestic and $33m international. I was surprised at how little engagement I had with it after the initial chase sequence and can't understand the love this has been getting from critics. (It's not that I didn't enjoy most of it; it's just that there's really nothing new here.) The movie was all set up (and shameless pilfering from other movies) and no pay off. They didn't even bother with trying to flesh out the "villain" beyond his name. That said, Jolie looked seriously hot.

I've been away for a few days and it seems in my absence The Dark Knight and Hellboy 2 have been screened to great advance word.

Variety loves Hellboy 2 calling it the "hipster hit of the summer" and so does Fangoria, while it seems everybody loves TDK. See here, here, and here. There's also a great Wired piece on Nolan's insistence on practical over digital stunts and effects.

The trailer for Quantum Of Solace hits later today. For now, this

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Gerard said...

Wall-E is genius? Bliss. I cannot wait. That and TDK, of course. LOVING all of these Heat comparisons. Seriously. Great to see all the incredibly positive early word on Hellboy, too!

I'm really bummed you weren't into Wanted, though. We don't get it until July 31st on this end, two weeks after TDK, nearly a month before Hellboy and almost two months before Wall-E. Damn Australia...