Monday, 17 September 2012

Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion

Dark Shadows: The Visual Companion will be available from next month in both regular hardback and  a limited signed (by Burton, not me), slipcase edition featuring an exclusive art print.

You can pre-order the regular edition here and here. The limited edition is available exclusively via Titan Books or Forbidden Planet.


Anonymous said...

See how a movie is conceived, developed and bring to life with artists, talented people and passion is always a pleasure and I think that this does justice to those people who worked on the "backstage", drawing and builting something for the film.

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Anonymous said...

* brought to life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, I just ordered your Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie books! Really pleased to see Frankenweenie getting such great reviews. I was just wondering if there would be a new UK edition of Burton on Burton covering the latest films anytime soon? Many thanks, Tim.