Friday, 18 February 2011

Gone. But not forgotten.


J.D. said...

Man, I miss him. It's a shame he didn't make more films when he was alive. But I certainly treasure the ones he did make.

Mark Salisbury said...

Agree 100%. Can't wait for BARRY LYNDON on Blu-ray. That's going to be something special.

Hal Gracie said...

Since moving to London I've been meaning to take a trip to see some of the real life locations used in A Clockwork Orange (cleverly using horrid old buildings to signify the future).

His legacy has been well handled by his family and Warners. But I stumbled upon a news item a few weeks ago which was really sad, don't know if you heard. He lived with his wife and three daughters. But the youngest daughter Vivian left suddenly about a year before he died (pulling out of composing duties on Eyes Wide Shut at the same time), and despite his grand attempts at a reconciliation, inc a 40 page letter, she refused to see him. She came back once for his funeral, barely spoke to the family and swiftly returned to her 'Scientology' friends in the USA. She has refused to see or speak to any of them since, despite showing up for a Kubrick celebration in LA with Kier Dullea and Malcolm McDowell a few years ago. She's the daughter who made The Making of The Shining, and comes across as utterly normal in her commentary, which must have been made since she fled the UK.

Sadder still is that one of her sisters, Anya, the larger and younger of the two featured in the DVD docs, died of cancer in 2009 after a ten year battle. The Scientology daughter refused to see her when she was ill (even when they went all the way to LA just to reconcile), or go to the funeral.

So Kubrick's widow has now lost two of her three daughters. She still lives in St Albans with the eldest, Katherina. They seemed like such a lovely family. Very sad.