Tuesday, 21 December 2010

End of year lists. Part one

It's that time of year again. Although, to be honest, I had to write my first top ten of 2010 list for a magazine back in October.

I took part on the IndieWIRE Critics Poll and my selection can be found here. Here's my top ten as of last week.

1) The Social Network

2) Inception

3) Never Let Me Go

4) Toy Story 3

5) A Prophet

6) Red Riding Trilogy

7) Lebanon

8) The Kids Are All Right

9) 127 Hours

10) The Illusionist

It was, inevitably, skewed towards a US release schedule — several titles were on my best list last year — but before the month's out I will post my favourite films and performances of 2010, irrespective of release dates, here on reel world matters, although I can't see my top three changing.


Gerard said...

I keep forgetting about 127 Hours. Which is good, as we still have to wait a few months before seeing it here. (And Never Let Me Go won't reach our distant shores until March!)

Mark Salisbury said...

They've moved that until Feb in the UK but it will definitely make *my* 2010 list.

Steve said...

it would be great if you linked back to your reviews of the movies so we can read again what really set these films apart for you.

i would also like to see a "bottom 10" if you have time.


Mark Salisbury said...

Links included in films of the year post.