Thursday, 26 August 2010

Before The Hunger

I've been a Tony Scott since The Hunger but even I haven't seen his debut feature, Loving Memory, credited to one Anthony Scott, which the BFI has just released on a Blu-ray/DVD combo.

I plan to get myself a copy soon enough, especially after reading this DVD Beaver review which calls it "a slow, meditative film that showcases Scott's ability to quietly and simply tell a story that is macabre, unsettling, and strangely sweet. To be sure, this is a very good film, and after finishing it, I couldn't help but wonder what else Scott might have in him. Even those who find themselves turned off by his post The Hunger oeuvre should find themselves pleasantly surprised by this truly wonderful film".

As I've written here before, I happen to be a big fan of Scott's post-The Hunger oeuvre — well, everything apart from Beverly Hills Cop 2 — so I'm certain I'm going to like this.


Gerard said...

Colour me curious.

Nice bit of Scott synchronicity, between Piranha 3D and this, what with the former using The Flower Duet during its subaquatic girl-on-girl frolic which Scott's The Hunger used to similarly sapphic effect.

Mark Salisbury said...

That scene in The Hunger is one of the all-time greats.