Saturday, 11 April 2009

Messing with Adam Sandler

Prior to watching Don't Mess With The Zohan last night I had only seen one Adam Sandler movie in its entirety. That was Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love, which can scarcely be called typical Sandler fare. I don't quite know why I'd avoided him before now, but I thought I'd rectify that by giving the Blu-ray of Zohan a spin. And you know what? I laughed loads. Sure it's borderline offensive, puerile, sloppily scripted and poorly crafted (some of the HiDef cinematography looks pretty ropey in 1080i) but this ridiculous tale of a Israeli agent (Sandler) with aspirations of becoming a hairdresser in New York kept me reasonably entertained, although I doubt it'll have me scouring the comedy shelf at my local Blockbuster for the rest of Sandler's oeuvre.

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