Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday musing

I've been trying to drum up the energy to write something about last night's Golden Globes, but they were what they were.

Of course it was a good night for the UK, and Slumdog in particular, but if I have to hear that Kate Winslet blubber speech one more time I think I'll scream.

I was thrilled for Danny Boyle, who I've known for a long time, even if it's not his best movie. I was thrilled that Mickey Rourke beat Sean Penn for Best Actor, and that Colin Farrell's In Bruges performance got recognised. I was delighted too that the Boss picked up Best Song and thought Chris Nolan's acceptance speech on behalf of Heath Ledger's award was heartfelt and fitting.

It wasn't a good night for Benjamin Button, which deserved far more than nothing. I think it will do better come Oscar time, although methinks the BAFTAs won't be that different to the Globes in being a Slumdog landslide.


Stram said...

Even if I haven't seen Benjamin Button yet, I agree that Benjamin Button should have got something...

Do you think they'll give an oscar to Heath Ledger too?

Gerard said...

I haven't really seen much of the broadcast yet - what's the beef with Winslet? That she got emotional?

Totally stoked for Waltz With Bashir and Sally Hawkins, too. Ben Button was indeed shafted, but Slumdog is far from undeserving. My main gripe was VCB claiming top comedy/musical honours - glad it trumped Mamma Mia!, but it should have gone to In Bruges or Happy-Go-Lucky; VCB was very enjoyable, though I can't help but feel it wasn't really worthy of any major awards recognition, save for Cruz's support turn.

Mark Salisbury said...

I agree with you regarding VCB. While I enjoyed it, and it's certainly the best of the recent Woody's, it's hardly awards' worthy. Not even Cruz, IMHO, who was good in a showy role but didn't scream OSCAR/GLOBE/BAFTA... to me.