Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Post-festival funk

There's always a comedown when you re-enter the real world after a prolonged visit to a film festival where your priorities get bent seriously out of whack and life is dominated by screenings — in Venice they start at 8.30am with the final film of the day at around midnight and two competition films screening every night at 7/7.30 and 10/10.30, all of which leaves very little time to eat, much less sleep. I'm not asking for anyone's sympathy, just explaining while I'm a little tardy posting my final batch of Venice reviews, in case any of you out there were interested. Plus I took the afternoon off, seeing the Cy Twombly exhibition at the Tate Modern. Still, it's back to work tomorrow. I'm on set of Evil Aliens director Jake West's latest Doghouse.


Stram said...

If you say that we'll have all the reviews in the end posted on your blog, then i think we can forgive you! :-)

Was the exhibition good, by the way?

Mark Salisbury said...

I would have said I was a fan but I wasn't that impressed.